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Super Fresh Medjool Stuffed Dates

Prepared and Shipped in 24 Hours

Natural Sweet

High Fiber
and Antioxidants

Dates are one of the best natural sweeteners with a lot of health benefits

Amazon Review

I love the high quality ingredients but most of all, I love the unique flavor combinations! I have never had these flavor mixtures in a delicious chocolate treat. The dates, coconuts, and saffron really compliment the rich chocolate. I received a box for Christmas and me and my family immediately ate half the box because it was so good! I had to buy another one since it went so fast. Definitely recommend for any chocolate or dessert lovers. Also makes for a very thoughtful and unique

DavidDelicious, Flavorful, and Very Unique!

WOW, high quality materials, great taste combined in a luxury package. Opened the box and half is already gone !!Makes it a great gift for the loved ones.

ZartanTaste / Luxury

Good quality and variety of nuts. Amazing test of saffron and chocolate. Colorful fruits on top. Will order again. I love dates. I highly recommend to try it. Delicious


I tried these dates couple of weeks ago, and they are very different, and superior, from similar products on the market. The date filling consists of a variety of stuff which blend well with dates. For instance, I didn't know the nuts, and the orange peel could so well blend with the dates, and provide unique taste. The chocolate tip coating is also a great addition, which well matches the rest of the combination.

Ali M

It was very fresh and aromatic. With different mixes, there were lots of flavors. My favorite one was the chocolate one.

The packaging is quite nice specially for gifting. And I got it right on time for the Holidays.

Alireza Mehrzad

This arrived earlier than expected and consumed even faster than that! The dates were really delicious and stuffed nuts were really fresh. My wife and I tried them with tea and wine and liked both. We will buy again.