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The company’s mission is to produce a delectable, delicious, and healthy alternative to unnatural, sugary products. Our goal is to create quality, ancient, natural product… and most importantly to build a thriving company that will create many new jobs.

Our Story

Imagine coming home from school every day to the sweet smell of homemade pastries and delicious bakery items…saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, and rose water filled the air and tantalized your senses!

I’m Roya Javaherchi, Co-Founder of Sweet Saffron LLC, (Brand: Dateolate ), and I grew up in a family and a culture where sweet treats were always the primary reason for family and friendly gatherings! Both my grandmothers were incredibly talented bakers and they excelled at making homemade pastries and confections of all kinds!

After high school, I decided to study food science and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Food Science Engineering. Next, I accepted a position at Golestan-Kayla Company, a well-known producer, manufacturer, and distributor of saffron, tea, dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate.

I’ve always dreamt of owning my own business, and I’m an entrepreneur at heart. With a strong admiration of my “pastry chef grandmothers” and “sweets” childhood memories combined with my new educational experience. I knew that someday I would pursue my dream of owning my own business and one that involved dates or “Nature’s Sweet!” because we always used to have and still have dates at our home since my mom is diabetics.

In 2013, when I immigrated with my husband to America, I immediately began college and began working to complete my master’s degree and in 2018 I graduated with a degree in accountancy. But I never ever forgot my dream.

In June 2019, I finally decided to pursue my passion and my closely and long-held dream. I quit my stable and predictable job and the company was born! The company’s mission is to produce a delectable, delicious, and healthy alternatives to unnatural, sugary products. We create quality, ancient and natural confections. 
Warm Regards
Roya Javaherchi