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This pack contains 4 Gold Chocolate Dates (2 Dark & 2 Milk ). It also covered with gold leaf 23.75 K.

Did you know there is a delectable chocolate loaded with antioxidants that supports health? Chocolate Dates is the perfect treat for health-conscious people who love their sweets… Not only healthy but also very valuable luxurious chocolate.

The first thought of eating gold leaves might sound like a luxurious treat, but you would be amazed to know that eating gold leaves is not just having royal luxurious chocolate but also has health benefits.

Since ages, gold has been an active part of medications and is usually mixed with other chemicals and minerals to work effectively to reduce inflammation and boost overall health. However, nanoparticles of gold may affect someone with hypersensitivity to metal and can impact the cell membranes if injected directly. In terms of consuming edible gold in drinks, desserts or delicacies, the gold nanoparticles are big, and it is not easy for the particles to permeate the cell membranes and cause damage. Thus, it is believed to be a safe food. It also reduces age spots and help lighten skin.